Classic European, Stem Arrangement

Classic European, Stem Arrangement

In this color arrangement of the Classic European weave the first color forms a stem in the middle holding the second color all on the outside. The rings are all anodized aluminum, and therefore very lightweight and able to come in a variety of beautiful colors!

To place your order: review the anodized aluminum color options at the bottom of this page and then select your size. On the next page you'll be able to select your colors.

If you would like help on how to find your bracelet size,

6 inch bracelet


6.5 inch bracelet


7 inch bracelet


7.5 inch bracelet


8 inch bracelet


8.5 inch bracelet


9 inch bracelet


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Colors used in this example: gold for color 1 and mint for color 2.


Colors used in this example: pink for color 1 and fuchsia for color 2.


Each bracelet is held closed with a standard lobster clasp.

Classic European, Color Options