This dice bag is made using beautiful cold hard stainless steel. It comes in the tight or loose weave variant. Along with bronze, steel is one of the hardest of the heavy metals I work with. The price is therefore slightly higher than the same thing in aluminum, brass, or copper.  But the dice bag is more durable as well. Stainless steel won't rust nor darken with age, keeping its bright, clean look for years to come.


Quarter inch diameter or 5/16 inch diameter brass rings make up this bag in the tight or loose weave style.  It can hold about twenty 16mm d6s or three of the standard RPG 7-sets, and measures approximately 4 by 3 inches when empty and laying flat.  A cord lock and drawstring made of parachute cord keep its contents secure.

Stainless Steel Dice Bag, Solid, Tight ($45) or Loose ($35) Weave


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