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Shaggy Loops, Variegated Pattern

In this arrangement of the Shaggy Loops earrings weave, each row is formed of one color in the center with the other on the outside. The interior and exterior colors alternate with each row. The rings are all anodized aluminum, and therefore very lightweight and able to come in a variety of beautiful colors! (Scroll down to see all color options.)

To place your order: review the anodized aluminum color options below and then select your earring type. Select the colors you would like on the following page.


Colors used in this example: bronze for color 1 and sky for color 2 with bronze hooks.

Colors used in this example: silver for color 1 and pink for color 2 with silver hooks.

Earring Hooks.jpg

Available in basic hooks, hypoallergenic hooks, or clipons.


Shaggy Loops, Color Options

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