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Removable d20

Keep a d20 handy wherever you go! A twenty-sided die (d20) is held in black rubber rings and anodized aluminum rings in your choice of colors. To remove the d20 first unclip the lobster clasp and then carefully stretch the rubber rings to push the die out. Reverse the process to reassemble the keychain. It is suspended from an 18" flexible cord. Select from 18 different ring colors and 9 different dice colors.

Silver rings and clear d20

Celtic Star Pendant-silver-silver.jpg
Celtic Star Pendant-1-cord-circle.jpg

Unclip and stretch rubber rings to take d20 out

Celtic Star Pendant-1-held.jpg

Dice Colors: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, teal, clear, smoke

Celtic Star Pendant-tangerine-gold.jpg

Emerald rings and purple d20

Ring Color Options

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