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This dice bag is made using strong and beautiful bronze. Along with stainless steel, bronze is one of the hardest of the heavy metals I work with. The price is therefore higher than the same thing in aluminum, brass, or copper. But the dice bag is more durable as well. There is a good reason a Bronze Age existed in our history! Bronze is a copper-tin alloy, and because of this, it will oxidize over time like a penny and become darker. Some people enjoy this feature of the metal, but it can also be cleaned to bring bring back its shine.


Note: I haven't made a roundbottom dice bag in bronze yet to photograph. But the bag will look just like the silver anodized aluminum bag pictured with the bronze rings shown in the first image.


Hundreds of bronze rings make up this chainmail dice bag. It can hold about forty 16mm d6s or six of the standard RPG 7-sets. It measures approximately 4 by 4 inches when empty and lying flat. A cord lock and a drawstring made of parachute cord keep its contents secure. Dice are not included.

Roundbottom Dice Bag, Bronze

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