In this arrangement of the Helm Chain Medallion earrings weave, color 1 denotes the tiny rings and the interior large rings. Color 2 corresponds to large rings only visible on one side of the pattern and color 3 denotes the large rings seen on the other side. The rings are all anodized aluminum, and therefore very lightweight and able to come in a variety of beautiful colors! (Ring colors are depicted on previous page.) In the examples shown, the colors are as follows: silver, onyx, and ruby with silver hooks; gold, amethyst, and tangerine with gold hooks; and silver, mint, and sky with silver hooks. The hooks for this listing are nickel-free hypoallergenic and only available in silver.

Helm Chain Medallion Earrings, Reversible, Hypoallergenic Hooks

Color 1 (tiny rings & interior)
Color 2 (side A)
Color 3 (side B)

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